Understanding People and Cultures

Applied Futures Method for Understanding People and Cultures

Over the years we have developed models and templates for assisting our clients to understand people and cultures in order to be able more effectively to work with them and influence them. Together with two other small companies – Cognitive Performance Group and Alidade Incorporated – we have developed an entirely new approach to this that we call Cultural-Cognitive Systems Analysis (CCSA)SM that combines a deep understanding of cultures (values, beliefs and motivations) with cognition (how people understand and make decisions) and complex network analysis (how messages propagate, amplify and attenuate through societies.) This is a unique nexus of three disciplines that have never been brought together before. It can be used to understand not just what people are doing and how they are doing it, but WHY they are doing it, which is the key to being able to anticipate what they are likely to do next, and what ideas they might find appealing or repellent.

Applied Futures, and its sister company, Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing has used these approaches separately to understand people for the purposes of branding, advertising, marketing, new product and business development and R&D. In combination with our team-mates, we are now using them for Information Operations and Strategic Communications.

Main Benefits: