About The Team

Applied Futures Inc and Strategic Synthesis Ltd are both women-owned small firms whose principals have been teamed since 1995. Together, they are called The Team.

Applied Futures was founded in 1988 as the result of a management buy-out from a larger consultancy company. It was established in Arlington, Virginia in 1993. Most of Applied Futures' consulting staff have worked together for more than 12 years.

Strategic Synthesis was established in Springfield, Virginia in 1996, founded on extensive problem solving and strategic planning for the Department of Defense, including joint military organizations.

Applied Futures' consultants bring to The Team substantial experience in vision-based strategic planning for large, complex organizations in both government and commercial sectors. They also have experience in R&D planning, technology transfer and new business development. In the government sector they have worked in: national security and defense, information warfare, technology policy, energy, transportation, trade and industry policy. In the commercial sector, they have worked in: electronics, defense, information technology, transportation, chemicals, automotive, pharmaceuticals, construction and civil engineering, finance, retailing and other consumer areas.

Strategic Synthesis brings to The Team specialized capabilities and extensive experience in strategic planning in large organizations, systems engineering for complex systems, systems analysis, resource and technology planning, strategic forecasting, command and control, and leadership under uncertain and stressful conditions, including combat operations. The focus of the company is on the understanding and tailored solutions of top-level vision, planning and systems problems of large, complex organizations. Strategic Synthesis also specializes in clear presentation of the problems and solutions in WarRoom format.

Since the principals and senior consultants have worked with each other since 1995, the forming of The Team, and joint pursuit of a GSA MOBIS contract was a natural!

Most organizations are facing the future with management and planning tools which were developed decades ago. They are planning yesterday's campaigns to fight tomorrow's battles. These organizations are operating in a competitive environment which is changing rapidly and at an ever increasing rate and with ever greater discontinuities. Traditional strategic planning is generally based on the organization's history, is generally mechanistic, and cannot handle unanticipated events or discontinuous change. It generally assumes that the world of tomorrow will be essentially like the world of today - that the projection of history can be modeled in knowable ways that tell us with certainty about the future.

Strategic planning is about deciding what the organization is, what it is for, and where the organization wants to be in the future, and then allocating the resources to get there. This is a broad strategic undertaking - it requires a real understanding of the organization's total operating environment, and of all its stakeholders. The key to successful strategic planning is to have a strong strategic vision for the future and an organization that can deal with, and even thrive on change.

Some ideal applications for The Team's consulting services include:

The Team is pleased to offer their Vision-Based Strategic Planning Process, and related processes and techniques which may be configured and designed for each organizations specific needs. We offer a variety of alternatives that are based upon the basic principles of our "Vision Based Planning Process." We encourage ordering activities to work with our representative to develop the selection of consulting services that would meet their organization's specific needs.

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