Our 'Strategy With Passion' Show

Strategy with Passion

Our ‘Strategy with Passion’ Internet Radio Show in now available on VoiceAmerica. The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network is the single largest producer of original Internet talk radio programming in the world.

Our new show --- hosted by the Principals of “The Team” --- Christine A. R. MacNulty, FRSA and Stephen R. Woodall, Ph.D. --- is called “Strategy with Passion.” On the air on a trial basis since May 2009, we are working to make it a permanent fixture on the internet!

We currently air in the 1100-1200 (Eastern Standard Time) time slot each Friday, with the show re-run each Friday evening at 2300-2400. After the show has run twice on Friday, it can be listened to, or downloaded and listened to later, directly from the VoiceAmerica web site!

About Our Show

Successful organizations have good leaders who have clear visions, measurable goals and, above all, passion for what they are doing. They don’t pay lip-service to strategy, they live it and breathe it. It provides the under-pinning to all their decision making – both short and long term. In the course of this program you will hear from passionate leaders of many different kinds of successful organizations. You will gain an understanding of the importance of visions, values, leadership philosophy, strategic thinking and planning, measures of effectiveness and performance, effective communications, personal energy management, team-building and more. We will show you the methods we use in strategic planning; you will hear about our experiences.

You will hear about passion – why it’s important, how to generate it, and how to apply it!

Strategy with Passion is broadcast live every Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

To listen to past shows for yourself, go now to the VoiceAmerica web site at http://www.voiceamerica.com --- once there, click on VoiceAmerica Business, and then search for Strategy with Passion --- then, select the show or shows you want to hear or to download!

The Strategy With Passion radio show is also available in iTunes in the Podcasts->Business->Business News category, or Power Search on "Strategy with Passion."