Leadership Training with Academy Leadership

Academy Leadership

‘The Team’ has added a whole new dimension to the services we can provide --- a broad range of leadership training capabilities from Academy Leadership --- developing leaders who deliver results!

Since 2008, both Principals of ‘The Team,’ Christine A. R. MacNulty, FRSA and Stephen R. Woodall, Ph.D., have become Affiliates of Academy Leadership --- certified to lead and execute Academy Leadership programs, including the Leadership Boot Camp Experience!

Take your business to the next level through leadership training. Academy Leadership provides you and your staff with the skills you need to achieve business success!

About our Academy Leadership Programs

Most managers are technically competent but often lack the ability to motivate and direct others to achieve organizational goals. This lack of leadership skills prevents the achievement of optimal results. An effective leadership development program addresses this issue by teaching leaders at all levels how to practice appropriate leader behaviors and train others to do the same.

At Academy Leadership we work with your organization to transform employees at all levels into effective leaders who can energize others to accomplish corporate objectives and create tangible business results.

Academy Leadership can provide programs for individuals, through their Leadership Boot Camp experience, and through a broad range of Corporate Programs.

Note that Project Management Institute (PMI) members may now be awarded 21 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for completion of the Academy Leadership Boot Camp Experience!

For more details, go directly to the Academy Leadership web site at: http://www.academyleadership.com